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Restaurant Deep Cleaning Service

Our Deep Cleaning Service is so effective you can actually save money (and have a consistently cleaner kitchen) with our Quarterly Deep Cleaning Program, as opposed to your current once or twice a year deep cleaning. 

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We use 320F Saturated Steam when necessary

to create outstanding results.

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Industrial strength REA UltraVapor Saturated Steam at (320F) is the most effective method available to clean, disinfect and sanitize equipment and surfaces in entire restaurant all in one operation, killing bacteria, viruses and mold.


Saturated Steam is FAR superior to pressure washing, having been used in Europe for decades in the Food Processing Industry.

High Temperature: The discharge temperature of UltraVapor is 302 – 320 F (150 – 160 C)

  • Heat over 248 F (120 C ) destroys and eliminates microorganisms including those in harborage locations and within biofilms. Use of temperature eliminates the possibility of bacteria developing resistance to chemicals.

  • Heat melts oils and greases making them easy to remove from equipment.

  • Heated surfaces dry quickly leaving them ready for use

Note: although the discharge temperature is high its low moisture content eliminates any burn or scald hazard for operators or staff.


Low Moisture: 6% water content

UltraVapor uses only 2 to 13 gallons of water an hour (model dependent) as opposed to 180 to 240 gallons per hour for pressure washing.

  • Can be used on and around electrical and electronic equipment and controls without the danger of causing short circuits or damaging components so there is no requirement to mask off or bag equipment prior to cleaning. Eliminates costs associated with replacing damaged components.

  • Up to a 95% reduction in water consumption and waste water creation saving money for supply and disposal of water

  • Very little water to clean up after cleaning equipment – saves time

  • Minimal water use allows equipment to be used in areas without water drains and for “dry clean” protocols.

  • Low moisture with high heat leaves surfaces dry and ready for immediate use reducing scheduled downtime.

  • Low moisture eliminates any scald hazard for operators

  • Does not cause any increase in humidity in a facility that could create condensation and food safety problems


Low Pressure: Discharge pressure is 145 psi (10 bar) compared to 1000 to 3000 psi for pressure washing

  • Will not damage surfaces, bearing seals, motors, sensors etc so there is no requirement to mask off or bag equipment prior to cleaning.

  • Minimal broadcast of soils and moisture compared to pressure washing allows UltraVapor to be used on equipment while production continues on adjacent lines. Less possibility of cross contamination and faster cleanup.

  • For powders and dry ingredients the low pressure combined with the moisture in the vapor causes them to precipitate to the floor within a very short distance simplifying cleanup.

  • No safety hazard for personnel


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