Biotechnology Cleaning Products

InnuScience has an extensive line of high efficiency, eco-friendly, highly concentrated, multi-tasking, cleaning products that are safe for users, surfaces and the environment.
InnuScience products replace harmful chemicals, eliminate waste and deliver truly sustainable cleaning solutions.
Biotechnology is the use of living organisms or their components to produce useful commercial products.
Provides enhanced residual cleaning properties, especially effective on porous surfaces.
iClean Restaurants uses and highly recommends the following InnuScience products.
Nu-Grip Plus concentrated floor and wall cleaner and degreaser, quickly removes oils, grease and other grime. more
Nu-Smell Plus is a highly effective odor controller eliminates the origin of foul odors in washrooms, that keeps decimating odors after usage. more
Nu-Filter degreaser for range hood filters quickly biodegrades oils and grease found in hood systems. more
Nu-Bio Scrub concentrated washroom cleaner cleans surfaces and removes soap scum and scale residues. Eliminates foul odors and prevents obstructions in drains and pipes. more
"These are the most effective products I've ever found for restaurant cleaning." Robert Coull - Commercial Cleaning Product Specialist, iClean Restaurants
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